The original speech 
therapy and sensory-motor stimulation system.

The future of speech & special therapy.
Built by eperienced therapists and world - class engineers.

A unique platform of therapeutic devices intended primarily for patients with speech development problems and other developmental disorders.
Designed in Serbia, by a team of experienced therapists and top engineers, so that it fits perfectly into therapeutic work.
Four wireless systems, controlled by a mobile application.
High-quality, practical, modular devices, open to further development based on user experiences and requirements, extremely easy to use.
Kids and therapists love them.


It glows and vibrates.
It reacts to sound level and pitch.
It is amusing and amazing.
It is what the children like!


This beautiful device jumps as your patients speak.
And it's not all.
It even jumps as they jump!
With a unique clapping game, it develops their gross motor skills, attention, concentration and patience, and when they need to be soothed, there are several different combinations of snoezelen lights!


These neat, smart, wireless speakers emit sounds that the therapist chooses, from the desired location. Patients have to guess where the sound is coming from.
The mobile app keeps an eye on their progress.


Sound Propagation Reading made easy!
These beautiful shining rods,
wirelessly connected
to each other, react precisely to sound levels giving your patients a sense of the distance their voice can reach.
They also offer advanced functions - original memory game and analysis and synthesis of words and sentences for speech therapy practice.

VoiceToys sistem je u upotrebi u sledećim referentnim institucijama i privatnim kabinetima u Srbiji, Hrvatskoj, Makedoniji i BiH:




VoiceToys D.O.O.
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